As a fashion city, Antwerp is considered one of the world’s biggest talent scout agencies for designers. Fashion temples by well-known designers such as Dries van Noten or Stephan Schneider and concept stores for up-and-coming designers offer unlimited selections for any taste and wallet. Antwerp is not just a beautiful city, but in some places it also celebrates the appeal of the incomplete and the unspectacular. What makes the city so special are the many pretty spots, the details that can be discovered everywhere: courtyards in the old town, little galleries, converted warehouses in the harbour district. The cityscape is dominated by the traditional and the modern. With its typical features and individual characters, Antwerp fascinated and inspired us with its creative energy, individuality and uniqueness. An exciting mix that is reflected in the Spring/Summer 2014 BRAX MEN collection. Lightness is the keyword and applies throughout: from the colours and materials to the combinations.

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