Brax Men – Spring/Summer 2014

As a fashion city, Antwerp is considered one of the world’s biggest talent scout agencies for designers. Fashion temples by well-known designers such as Dries van Noten or Stephan Schneider and concept stores for up-and-coming designers offer unlimited selections for any taste and wallet. Antwerp is not just a beautiful city, but in some places it also celebrates the appeal of the incomplete and the unspectacular. What makes the city so special are the many pretty spots, the details that can be discovered everywhere: courtyards in the old town, little galleries, converted warehouses in the harbour district. The cityscape is dominated by the traditional and the modern. With its typical features and individual characters, Antwerp fascinated and inspired us with its creative energy, individuality and uniqueness. An exciting mix that is reflected in the Spring/Summer 2014 BRAX MEN collection. Lightness is the keyword and applies throughout: from the colours and materials to the combinations.

Vintage aspects, prints & patterns and sunshine feelings are the highlight themes in the trousers segment: denims, chinos et al score for their bright colours and sun-bleached hues. Retro elements and the use of prints achieve eye-catching effects, and are the season’s fashion must-haves. Polos or blousons are about new interpretation of old classics. In combination with denims and chinos, they define the key looks. Stripes are another area of focus for tops. Polos loves bi-colour stripes or in tonal gradings on white, while shirts prefer the horizontal stripe. Contrasting stripes, either plain or multicoloured on the cuffs or collars of polos, sweatshirts and blousons are used as other options.

Bright full colours versus sun-faded colours such as shades of milky blue, yellow and green, or grey-beige shades – that’s the colour palette for summer. The main focus is on blue: marine as a strong basic colour is surrounded by stream, waterside and the many different shades of blue for denims. Much importance is also shown to easy-to-combine neutrals with gradings in cobblestone, desert sand, crater and grey. The overall effect is light and summery.


Light and modern – this collection statement also applies to fabrics in Spring/Summer 2014. Five pockets and chinos are seen in sun-faded sateen, while soft textured satin with a special finish and the season’s must-have, printed and over-dyed cotton, are used exclusively for five pockets. “Blue Planet”, a sustainable denim in various washes and also in grey and white, remains important.


Narrow chino shapes with reduced leg widths also appeal this season – and look terrific! Five pockets are given exciting support in the fashion segment in the form of modern, new fit styles with a comfortable rise. Interesting impulses are set by tonal printed bird’s-eye designs as mock plains for five pockets et al. In addition to the stripes used in the area of shirts, sweats and blousons, a clever but understated surface finish is also gaining in importance. What’s new: minimal designs such as grid-like polka dot patterns or dip-dye effects. White provides clarity and calm in the interplay with colour in patterns, and also provides a light, summery touch.

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